Rules and Regulations

 In every Water Sports Activities, there is always a risk so the Resort Management are imposing and asking for your cooperation to follow below mentioned rules and regulations to avoid accident. As we always priorities our clients SAFETY.



  • Water Sports Amenities are for registered guests only
  • Guests must be in good health
  • Any guests who will appear to be intoxicated due to the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to use any Water Sports Amenities.
  • Guests must wear their activity bracelet to use the Water Sports Amenities.
  • Guests must wear a proper swimwear attire.
  • Guest must remove all their jewelries and accessories
  • Swimwear with zipper, buckles, rivet or any other metal ornament are not allowed.
  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the Water Park.
  • Guests using the Water Park must slide in sitting position.
  • Jet Ski users must be aware of the presence of other Water Sports users in the area.
  • Jet Ski users must always start with the simplest maneuvers.
  • Jet Ski users must always ski or ride in control and with their own risk.
  • Follow & obey instructions given by the life guard personnel and the Resort Management.
  • Guests are not allowed to swim beyond the boundaries allocated by the Resort Management.


If the rules and regulations will not be followed, Shydan's Beach Resort & Spa reserves the right to revoke your pass without any refund.